Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Pressure Washing Services

Homeowners appreciate the appearance of a clean, healthy home but often underestimate the importance of properly cleaning their exterior. Using a water hose and scrub brush may clean up some exterior surfaces, but for the deepest and most effective cleaning, you need pressure washing. Learn why you should never skip out on routine pressure washing services for your house and property.

Reduced Curb Appeal

Impressing visitors with a beautiful house starts with a clean exterior. Homes with grimy siding, discolored or stained driveways and streaked roofs leave a negative impression on guests and passersby. People driving by your home may even associate the exterior with the interior, believing that you keep the inside of your house as dirty as the outside.

Regular pressure washing removes unsightly stains and marks and leaves your home squeaky clean, increasing its curb appeal. For the best results, clean your driveway and walkways so you have a universally clean home.

Decreased Property Value

Lower curb appeal affects more than the opinions of guests or neighbors. Stained siding, unkempt driveways and walkways, and dirty, debris-covered roofs can lower your property value. Most homeowners don’t consider their property value until they want to sell their home, but with routine pressure washing services, you’ll always have a photo-ready house should that day come.

Whether you plan to sell your home or not, sticking to a regular schedule for pressure washing, tells your neighbors that you care about your community. If all of the houses on your street have a neat appearance, contribute to the overall neighborhood’s well-being with regular pressure washing.

Increased Health Hazards

Some homeowners wonder how their home’s exterior dirties up so quickly, especially if they live in a fairly clean neighborhood. Many culprits lie behind the grime build-up in your home, including:

  • Dust and dirt
  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Tree or plant debris
  • General air pollution
  • Insects, birds, and other pests
  • Rain, wind, and other natural elements

Besides these contributors, dirty home exteriors often invite mold, mildew, and weeds to grow and thrive. Fungi and plant life may introduce or worsen allergy symptoms and respiratory problems, creating health hazards in your home. Pressure washing involves using cleaning agents that not only kill and remove such irritants but help deter them from growing back.

Permanent Property Damage

Regular pressure washing services prevent many problems that could result in permanent property damage, including:

  • Overgrowth of mold or mildew
  • Heavy debris on roofs or gutters
  • Stains that resist all removal methods
  • Plant growth that creates or worsens cracks in driveways

Following a regular pressure washing schedule keeps these problems from occurring, helping you maintain a clean, safe home.

Keep a Safe, Clean Home with Routine Pressure Washing from A Buff and Beyond

Whether you wish to sell your home or maintain its current glory, keep it beautiful and safe for everyone with pressure washing. Call A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing for your free consultation at (772) 971-2121.

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