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When summer draws to a close, your enclosures and pool decks may look a little grubby. Hiding in that dirt are potential contaminants and spores that could cause mildew, mold, and algae growth. Safeguard your family by engaging professional pool deck and cage cleaning services from A Buff & Beyond in Port St. Lucie, FL.

The Benefits of Hiring
a Professional

A once-over with the garden hose will remove some of the dirt. It will not, however, provide enough pressure to get into the tiny spaces and grooves where the spores may settle. A pressure washer is more effective but can cause damage if you don’t apply it correctly.

If you’re not careful, the high-speed jet of water will scour wooden surfaces and chip concrete. Using high-pressure cleaning on your pool screen enclosures could shatter the panels and dent the aluminum frame.

At A Buff & Beyond, our training and experience have taught us the correct combination of soft washing and pressure washing services to remove dirt and grime. Our team uses environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies to kill off algae and mildew.

Let’s talk about how it already takes you long enough to clean your pool. Don’t waste more of your precious time with pool enclosure cleaning.

Instead, call our expert team out to perform the job for you. You’ll save yourself hours on pool cage and screen cleaning—and while we’re cleaning, you get to do something fun instead!

Do I Need a Screen and Frame Cleaning Service?

Over time, any metal or painted surface that gets exposure to the elements will start to show signs of wear. You might see signs of a chalky residue as the heat and humidity of a Port St. Lucie summer take their toll. Using high-pressure cleaning techniques here is never advisable.

High-pressure power washers will strip the paint from the surface, and you’ll need to repaint it.

The alternative is to use a combination of cleaning agents and effort to scrub away all traces of mold, mildew, algae, and dirt. If you’re doing this manually, set aside an entire afternoon, at least.

Our Process at A Buff & Beyond

We use commercial-grade cleaning agents that kill any unwanted plant growth. We then rinse the surface using a low-pressure hose. The combination refreshes the surface without blasting away the paint layer underneath.

The cleaning method that we use for the deck depends on the base material and finish. Wooden and textured concrete surfaces don’t stand up well to high-pressure cleaning. Again, we use a combination of soft washing and the correct cleaning agents.

Why Choose A Buff & Beyond?

Established in 2016, we’re a fully licensed, family-owned-and-operated business. We built our company on simple values. We always:

Become part of our family today to test our service, and we’ll rewind the clock for all the surfaces around your pool. Your neighbors will think you had
it resurfaced.

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