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Keeping parking structures and lots clean is difficult because of the large amount of traffic. The oil and other liquids that leak from cars exacerbate the issue, leaving unsightly marks. The key to a clean parking garage is regular professional cleaning. 

A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing is your go-to team and just a quick call away. We use the latest pressure washing equipment and high-quality cleaning supplies to ensure that your property looks as good as new. 

Why Hire a Professional Team for Parking Garage Cleaning?

As a property manager or owner, your plate is already full of tasks. Your employees have many tasks to complete on an average day, meaning that they don’t have the time to spare to clean the area properly. 

Hiring professionals for parking lot and garage cleaning in Port St. Lucie, FL, makes sense. We have the time, skills, and tools to complete the job. Investing in this affordable service makes your space: 


More inviting


Why Choose A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality service. We have a sterling track record spanning the last eight years, and we’ve established ourselves as trustworthy experts in our field. With careful attention to detail, we don’t miss a spot when cleaning your parking lot or garage. 

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We keep a gallery of our past work to showcase the results we achieve. Furthermore, we are happy to point you to past clients and their reviews of our work. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you tired of contractors who promise the world and fail to deliver? We are too, so we offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We invite you to inspect our work when we’re done, and if you don’t feel we did a good job, we’ll clean again. 

Fully Equipped and Experienced Team

We use the latest technology and methods to get the best clean. We also employ a mixture of gentle soft washing techniques and pressure to lift out the grime without damaging the surface. These techniques are ideal for greasy oil stains. 

Custom Solutions

Your parking lot and garage are unique. Differences in texture, grading, and material are all factors in how easy the area is to clean. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. 

The dirt you deal with also factors into the equation. A parking lot for a fast food restaurant has very different needs from those of a long-term parking structure, for example. 

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