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Benefits of Washing Your Home Regularly

Removes Rust

Exposure to the elements can quickly degrade metal surfaces over time. When the metal oxidizes, the rust leaves indelible stains that are difficult to remove. Our pressure washing team uses effective techniques to remove the marks.

Better Curb Appeal

Over time, the exterior of your home starts to take on a dingy appearance. Streaks of dirt, blotches, and dust build up over time and make the paint look grungy. The windows lose their sparkle and start to accumulate dust and dirt.

Washing away that grime is like giving your home a makeover. It brightens the house immediately and allows you to wait longer before repainting.

Protects Property Value

Curb appeal plays a role in maintaining your property value. Algae, mold, and mildew pose more than just a health risk to your family. They also stain and degrade the surfaces with which they come into contact.

We highly recommend scheduling at least one to two sessions of our washing services a year. Our thorough home and window cleaning team always does a great job and delivers top-notch customer service.

Investing in regular maintenance prevents these unexpected repairs and replacements of damaged exterior elements. Professional house washing preserves the value of your home.

Protect Your Family

Having a clean home on the inside can only do so much to keep your family healthy. All it takes is a gust of wind to stir up mold or mildew spores on the exterior surfaces and drive them in through open windows.

Both mold and mildew spores can trigger allergies and cause respiratory distress. While toxic mold gets all the bad press, any strain can exacerbate breathing problems.

The best defense is to stop any potential mold or mildew in its tracks. Our specialist cleaning products will destroy the spores to maximize your family’s safety. We’ll then rinse away the harmless residue using a combination of low- and high-pressure water hoses.

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Why Choose A Buff & Beyond in Port St. Lucie?

We’re a family-owned cleaning company that specializes in the use of high- and low-pressure washers. Our expert team understands how to work with any kind of housing material and tailors our approach accordingly.

We’ll clean your home without damaging the wood siding, windows, or any other fixtures. Leave the heavy lifting to us—we won’t let you down!

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