Reasons to Clean Your Roof Instead of Replacing It

If your roof is looking shabby around the edges, you might think about replacement. However, before replacing it, you should consider if you only need cleaning instead.

In some cases, cleaning makes more sense instead of replacement. Our team at A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing knows that a professional roof cleaning can do wonders for a property’s exterior. Below, we explore the top reasons why you should clean your roof instead of replacing it.

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Lower Cost

Above all, cleaning typically costs much less than replacement. Replacing your roof is a significant investment once you factor in the cost of materials, labor, and any licenses or permits for construction.

Roof cleaning services, in contrast, have one simple cost. Many cleaning companies charge a flat fee or hourly rate for cleaning, making it easy to predict and budget for expenses.

Save Time

Roof replacement can take a lot of time. Depending on the size of your roof and the chosen materials, it could take up to a week to complete a replacement project. During that time, you may not be able to be around your house while construction is occurring.

Alternatively, cleaning takes a few hours at most. You can schedule cleaning and have your house back to yourself on the same day. You can also stay in your house while cleaning is happening.

Protect the Roof’s Structure

You may like your current roof and not want to replace it. In that case, sticking to a regular cleaning schedule will protect the roof materials and prevent issues in the future.

Dirtier roofs are more prone to damage. Soft washing ensures the materials are in their best condition so they can provide maximum protection to your house.

Maintain Your Warranty

In many cases, regular cleaning is a condition of maintaining your warranty. If you neglect cleaning and your roof fails, your warranty might not cover replacement or repair costs. Regular roof cleaning can keep your warranty up to date and your roof protected.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Roofs are often one of the more expensive installations of homes, so it’s in your best interest to get the most out of your investment as possible. Regular cleaning not only makes your roof look good but also protects the materials and extends its lifespan. Cleaning can give your roof up to an extra five years, and you can save that money you would have put towards replacement.

Expert Pressure Washing Services

Regular roof cleaning is the key to protecting your roof investment and enjoying it as long as possible. Our team at A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing proudly offers the best power washing services. We dedicate ourselves to providing 100% customer satisfaction on every job we perform.

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