Sealing Your Pavers in Port St. Lucie: Cost Factors Every Homeowner Should Consider

The concept of paver sealing might be new for many people. While most understand the benefits of sealing a concrete floor like the garage, few people realize you can derive a similar benefit for your paving outside.

Using a high-quality paver sealer will protect your paver patios, driveway, or other surface from stains, weathering, and fading. However, the results you obtain will depend on how well you prepare the surface.

That’s where Port St. Lucie’s A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing comes into the picture. Our thorough pressure washing services deep clean the pavers, making it easier for the sealant to adhere.

Would you like to know more? Read on as we explain more about paver sealing.

Why Seal Your Pavers?

There are both aesthetic and practical reasons to take this step. These include:

  • The in-built UV protection protects the pavers from the harsh effects of the Florida sunshine. This prevents the sun from bleaching the concrete or brick.
  • The coating repels liquids, effectively waterproofing the surface. This is particularly useful when it comes to concrete. Raw concrete soaks up spills like a sponge, leading to significant discoloration.
  • You can choose a sealant that has a high-gloss finish, color tints, or flakes to enhance the look of the pavers. Even the clear finish makes the concrete look more appealing by making the color seem richer.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit is how easy it becomes to maintain the paving after sealing it. The surface repels liquids, meaning that staining fluids and other debris stay on top. This makes it easy to rinse off later.

There is one caveat here, though. You’re only guaranteed these benefits if you work with a professional team. The products that you buy at the hardware store can’t match the quality of industrial-grade materials.

Understanding Pressure Washing Costs in Port St. Lucie

You’re looking at between $1 and $3 per square foot of surface for paver sealing. What you pay depends on how long the job takes. The costs for the sealant and labor are relatively fixed.

The variation comes down to the products you choose and the cleaning method we use. The cost of pressure washing depends on:

  • How big the area we’re cleaning is. The bigger the surface, the more you can expect to pay.
  • The level of contamination we need to deal with. If you’ve never cleaned your pavers before, you can expect to pay more than someone who does so every year.
  • The cleaning technique and equipment we use also play a role. If we need to use a cleaning agent to lift dirt because the pavers can’t handle high pressure, the job takes longer. It will, therefore, cost more.

Comprehensive Cost Factors for Sealing Pavers

Here are the factors we consider when coming up with a price for you. When you get estimates for paver sealing, be sure your contractor is accounting for all of the following:

  • Type of paver: Concrete is more porous than stone, meaning you’ll need more sealant.
  • Size of pavers: Larger paving stones require less prep work because there’s less joint sand to top up.
  • Location accessibility: Is it easy to reach the pavers, or do we have to move things around first? Is it a square or rectangular surface, or are there lots of alcoves to contend with?
  • Condition of pavers: If the pavers are in relatively good shape with few stains, the prep work goes more quickly. If there’s a lot of dirt or there are several flaws, we’ll need to address this before we start.
  • Type of sealant: Water-based sealants are typically better for Florida because they last longer and stand up better in the heat. However, they are more expensive than solvent-based products.

Professional Services vs. DIY

It’s cheaper to buy a product at a hardware store and apply it yourself than hiring someone. However, you can’t expect to match the results professionals get.

Also, with DIY options, you need to make sure your pavers are already in good shape. It’s difficult to remove stains without the right equipment, expertise, or experience.

With professional services, you pay a fair amount more. However, the price includes a thorough cleaning beforehand and the topping up of the sand. What’s more, experts use high-quality products.

These sealants last around three to five years. The ones consumers can buy in the hardware store usually only last one or two years. So, you’re not really saving much in the long run by doing it yourself.

Choosing the Right Sealing Service in Port St. Lucie

Naturally, the results you achieve depend entirely on choosing the right team. When looking for a paver sealing contractor, always check that they:

  • Are certified and insured
  • Include pressure cleaning in their service package
  • Have a traceable track record

It may be tempting to choose the lowest-price option. However, all reputable contractors will charge a similar rate. If you see one charging way less, they’re cutting corners somewhere. Rather, look for a quality service that guarantees the results.

Contact A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing for Your Paver Sealing Needs!

When it comes to any maintenance project, proper preparation is the key to success. The same holds true for paver sealing. While you don’t technically have to pressure clean the surface before applying the sealant, it makes sense to do so.

The first reason is because you want the best possible look. If you choose a clear sealant, you’ll see every grubby mark through it without cleaning.

The second reason is so that the coating adheres as well as possible. Any greasy or gritty spots will prevent the sealant from bonding with the surface. It’ll then lift, and you’ll notice air bubbles underneath.

If you want long-lasting results, there’s no substitute for good preparation. If you’re considering paver sealing, work with a team of experts who’ll include pressure cleaning in their 24-hour estimate.

We encourage you to get a few quotes and then call A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing at 772-971-2121. Save us for last because we’re sure to impress you.

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