What is Paver Sealing?

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It’s essential to first define paver sealing. Paver driveways, particularly in the South, are common. Paver driveways, compared to asphalt and concrete, are the easiest to keep clean. While the installation costs are typically higher, maintaining your paver driveway will be much less expensive than other types. In the end, when you choose a paver driveway, you’re essentially trading the long-term ongoing maintenance costs over the lifetime of an asphalt/concrete/gravel driveway for the up-front installation cost of a paver. Installing the highest quality product at an initial higher cost will save you a lot of money in the end.

The paver driveway is available in several types.

  • Brick pavers are baked at very high temperatures
  • Concrete/interlocking pavers are formed and dried in a setting that’s climate-controlled. All these surfaces are solid and shed water effectively. 
  • Permeable pavers allow water to penetrate the subgrade or soil beneath the pavers. It is better for the environment and allows less water to run off. 

Your driveway needs to be protected because it is constantly exposed to the weather. Paver sealing protects your driveway after it has been installed.

There Are Several Dangers to Not Sealing Your Paver

  • You will need to clean it more frequently – If you do not seal your paver you will need to clean it more frequently. Stains will be more difficult to remove, and in some cases impossible. You can save time and protect your paver investment by sealing it. 
  • More Weeds To Pull – As weeds grow in the joints, you’ll need to pull them more frequently. This is a common misconception that the weeds grow from the joints of the pavers. It is not true. Truthfully, weeds are almost always caused by blown-in seed that is deposited in the sand joints from nearby weeds. Do you have a lot of weeds growing in your yard or garden? You can almost guarantee that weeds will grow in the joints of your pavers. Seal them to avoid the hassle of pulling weeds. A joint stabilizing sealer is the best way to prevent this. 
  • Sinking Spots & Shifting: Not sealing your joints can lead to shifting and sinking spots. Sand loss is the cause of this. Sand in the joints is what separates each paver. When that sand disappears, gaps appear. These gaps allow for unnecessary movement. This problem can be avoided by using a joint stabilizing sealer. It will protect your paver against sand erosion.

What Is the Process?

Note: Do NOT apply sealer on efflorescence. You’ll need to remove the sealant completely and start again.

First, pressure wash the paver. To ensure the job is done correctly, contact a reputable company like A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing. Wait at least 48 hours for the moisture to dry. 

Next, clean and sweep your paver. Sand should be at least 1/8″ below the paver’s surface. A broom and blower are needed to remove any sand, powder, or residue. This step is best done with a leaf blower. Before sealing, pull out weeds from the joints. The sand must be completely dry before sealing for best results.

We recommend that you wait 15-30 days after your paver has been installed before sealing it. The pavers should be “hydrated” several times during this period. You can do this by either hosing down the pavers or raining on them. This is to ensure that efflorescence will not be an issue before sealing the bricks. 

The process of the pavers’ absorption of water and drying causes the dormant minerals inside the manufactured paver to come to the surface in the form of efflorescence. After two weeks, if there are no signs of efflorescence after hosing the pavers down and letting them dry, it is not necessary to wait and seal the pavers. 

Wait 24 hours before driving or walking on the sealed paver. 

Cleaning your paver with a heavy-duty cleaner and rinsing it well with water is the best way to maintain it.

Cost to Seal Pavers

Paver Sealers Have Many Benefits

If you’re looking for pressure washers in Foida, don’t forget to check out paver sealing. A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing is one of the pressure washing companies that can do both. 

Double the fun! This saves time and money. The following are other benefits of paver sealant: 

  • It prevents weeds and grass from growing in joints.
  •  It reduces moss. 
  • It deters insects. 
  • This protects against salt damage. 
  •  It makes cleaning easier.
  • You can easily remove oil, grease, and grime. 
  • It enhances color and brightness.

A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing offers the best paver sealing. Want to learn more about us or hire us for pressure cleaning in Florida? We are ready to assist. Contact A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing today to get started. Contact us by phone at 772-971-2121 or visit our website at beyondcleanfl.com.

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