What Is the Price to Pressure Wash a House?

Is pressure washing, expensive? The price to pressure wash a house in Florida is typically between $100 and $500. However, this cost depends on several factors, primarily how the pressure washing company charges its clients. Below, our team at A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing explains the factors affecting pressure washing prices.

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Pressure Washing: Hourly Rates for Exterior Surfaces

Many pressure washers charge per hour because this system accounts for the job’s complexity. Settling on a flat fee per square foot can backfire for the contractor if the job involves more work than normal.

For example, you might be able to clean a modern apartment complex in a few hours because it has clean lines. A Victorian manor, on the other hand, could take longer because of all the nooks and crannies.

Generally, hourly rates work best if you have a small home and clean every year or so.

Power Washer Prices by the Square Foot

Some companies offer pressure washing, which charges based on the size of the property. These companies assume all other things to be equal, like the complexity of the job and how dirty the property is.

This system is useful when giving quotes over the phone because there is very little quibble room. While grubbiness is a subjective measurement, size is not. Consumers with homes with accessibility issues or those who don’t clean annually might benefit more from this system.

Which Is Better for the Client Overall?

For the average client, the best method is a combination of the two. That way, you are not paying a premium so that the contractor can cover those more complex tasks for a flat fee. Even if you want to save money, it’s better to get the contractor to do an on-site estimate so that they cover their costs.

A contractor battling to make ends meet is likely to rush jobs and overbook themselves. At best, this leads to mediocre results. At worst, this leads to them letting essentials like insurance slide. The latter may not sound like your problem, but it will be if a worker injures themself on your property.

We’re not suggesting that you automatically jump on the highest quote you get but be willing to pay what’s fair to ensure you get outstanding service. It’s good practice to get at least three or four quotes so you can see what a fair price is. Steer clear of any contractors that charge a lot more or less.

What Type of Service?

It’s also worth asking if the contractor provides power or pressure washing. Confused? Don’t feel alone, many people use the terms interchangeably, but they are slightly different. Power washing uses hot water and low water pressure. Pressure washing relies on cold water instead.

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