How Much Does Paver Sealing Cost?

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Pavers add beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces, from patios, walkways, and driveways into stunning pieces of artwork. But like any prized possession, pavers require regular care to retain their aesthetic allure and stand up over time. Sealing is an integral component of this maintenance routine as it protects them against staining, fading, and unwanted weeds that threaten their lifecycle.

How Much Does Paver Sealing Cost? This comprehensive guide explores the world of paver sealing, specifically exploring costs associated with both DIY and professional sealing services. We will journey together towards understanding these costs in their entirety as well as any factors that influence them.

National Average Costs for Sealing and Cleaning Pavers

On average, cleaning and sealing pavers typically costs anywhere from $300 to $550; this figure assumes an area of 200 square feet of patio space. Keep in mind this figure represents just an estimate, though; your exact costs may differ based on several variables we will discuss further in this guide.

Here is a breakdown of the national average cost associated with cleaning and sealing pavers:

Clean Before Sealing to Improve Results (RMSEs)

Before sealing your pavers, a thorough cleaning is an absolute must. Any dirt, moss, stains or other debris left behind on their surface could prevent sealants from bonding properly resulting in problems later.

Cleaning Costs 

Professional paver cleaning typically ranges between $0.25 and $0.50 per square foot if hiring an outside cleaning service provider, with an average national cost ranging from $250-300. Pressure washing is often chosen as the method for paver maintenance, with average national costs usually falling within this range.

If your pavers require light cleaning and you’re on a limited budget, DIY may be a good solution. Renting a pressure washer from a home improvement store typically costs $50 for one day of rental; for less intensive needs a paver-safe cleaner coupled with a stiff bristled broom may suffice and also costs around $50 on average.

Understanding Sealant Costs

Sealant provides your pavers with a protective barrier against erosion, stains and water damage. A five-gallon bucket that covers around 1,000 square feet typically costs $200-40; smaller one-gallon jugs can cover 200 square feet at around $40 each. Purchasing extra sealant is strongly suggested in case touch-ups or additional coats become necessary.

Per-Square-Foot Cost

On average, cleaning and sealing pavers typically costs $2 per square foot; however, the exact figure can range anywhere between $1 to $3 depending on which sealant or cleaning method is chosen.

While average costs provide an overall basis, other considerations can alter the final bill considerably. Here is a breakdown by category of all expenses involved:

  • Materials: If your pavers require extensive TLC before sealing, additional supplies might be needed, including herbicide for weed control (costing $20-$75), paver-safe cleaner (15-30$), polymeric sand to repair damage (25-30$) or extra sealant depending on the scope of your project.
  • Labor: Engaging professional concrete contractors for cleaning and sealing pavers can be an excellent long-term investment, though initial labor costs can vary between $100 and over $500 depending on project size, scope, time needed and condition of pavers; extensive cleaning needs such as weeding, stain removal or repairs will naturally increase labor costs.
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Solvent-Based Vs Water-Based Sealants

There are two primary types of paver sealers – solvent-based and water-based. Here is a quick comparison:

Solvent-Based Sealers:

  • Provide a high-shine finish. Longevity (up to five years). Lower costs per application.
  • Downsides of Oil-Based Sealers:
  • Reduced Traction and Potential Moisture Issues Due to Lower Breathability.


Water-Based Sealers:

  • Generally more Expensive. May Take More Work for Application.
  • Breathable pavers allow for improved moisture management within their layers and are usually eco-friendly while offering matte or glossy finishes (with minimal price impact) for optimal comfort.

DIY Versus Professional Help: Weighing Options


Deliberating between doing it yourself or hiring outside experts depends heavily on individual circumstances, so here is a breakdown to assist in this decision-making process:


DIY may be your best bet if: For starters, physical labor and time commitment aren’t an issue for you. Your pavers require simple cleaning and you have confidence in applying sealant properly; additionally, cost-effectiveness should take top priority in any budget considerations.


Hire Professional Assistance If:


  • Your pavers require a deep clean or you are uncertain about the appropriate methods of cleaning them, and time is of the essence for you. 
  • Your priority should be long-lasting results with impeccable finish quality – not worrying about potential safety risks associated with certain cleaning products and sealants.
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Unlocking Value Beyond the Dollar Sign

While cost is certainly an important consideration, don’t overlook its wider ramifications when looking at the value proposition. Here’s one approach that might help:

  • Time Saved: Hiring professional help saves time and energy that you can devote towards other priorities or simply relaxing and appreciating your newly renovated paver haven.
  • Peace of Mind: Hiring professionals provides peace of mind that your task will be completed efficiently with minimal risk of errors or damages to pavers.
  • Long-Term Value: Hiring professional sealant installation services may extend the lifespan of your pavers, potentially saving money in repairs or replacement costs down the line. Furthermore, these experts use superior-grade sealants that last for much longer, further decreasing resealing needs over time.
  • Expertise and Efficiency: Professionals possess the knowledge and experience to select the ideal cleaning products and sealing techniques for your particular paver type and condition, working efficiently while limiting disruption to daily routines.

Final Chapter: Craft Your Paver Sealing Strategy

Intentionally sealing your pavers will ensure the beauty and longevity of your outdoor space for years to come, whether DIY or professional services are involved in their sealing strategy. By carefully considering all of the factors outlined herein, making an informed decision and embarking on your journey will guarantee continued pride and enjoyment!

For a comprehensive approach, consider consulting with a concrete contractor such as A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing specializing in paver cleaning and sealing. They can tailor a quote based on your requirements while providing invaluable insights into what would work best for your unique paver haven. Contact us now at  772-971-2121 to get a free estimate!

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