How to Clean a Roof Like a Pro

Thinking of roof cleaning? Before scaling a ladder and trying to hose down any type of roof, read these tips from A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing. In this post, we go through the process we use when we clean your roof professionally.

Keeping your roof clean is essential for extending its longevity and making sure that it remains durable and attractive. Our team knows what it takes to thoroughly clean a roof, so keep reading to learn more.

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Step One: Research

As professionals, we know how to clean different types of roofs. We recommend that you research what cleaning solutions your roofing manufacturer recommends for your roof material. Remember that neither pressure cleaning nor soft washing will work on all roofing materials.

Using too much pressure on a tiled roof, for example, can crack the tiles or damage the waterproof membrane. Skip this step, and you may end up needing a new roof rather than having a clean roof.

Step Two: Preparation

Preparing to clean the roof is pretty simple. Our experts remove anything we can from the runoff area and demarcate a safety zone using cones. People and pets must stay outside of this perimeter to stay safe.

We also cover fragile or expensive plants with a tarpaulin tent so that it bears the brunt of the deluge. Finally, we check where the roof’s highest point is and start our work.

Step 3: Cleaning

Another mistake homeowners often make when roof cleaning is using plain water. While water removes some dust, it cannot kill algae and other organic growth. Instead, it splashes the spores all over your roof.

We use a spray to kill off the plant matter first. We apply it evenly from one section to the next and give it time to work. We know it’s done when the plant changes color, and the roots lose their grip.

Those ugly black marks that signify algae lift straight away, then we just rinse the residue off. We work section by section so we don’t miss anything.

Step 4: Rinsing

Some professionals skip the final rinse, but we feel it’s important. It also gives us one more opportunity to see if we must touch up any spots.

Step 5: The Walkthrough

When we finish cleaning a roof, we show our clients our work so that they can be sure they’re satisfied.

Call Us for Expert Roof Cleaning

The A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing team recommends leaving this job to the professionals. There are so many things that can go wrong that it’s not worth the risk. Balancing on a wet roof is challenging, and if you slip, you will fall off or through the roof, both of which can have serious consequences.

Call the team with more than seven years of experience. Reach out at 772-971-2121 for roof cleaning.

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