Conquer Your Curb Appeal: How to Clean Roof Stains and Restore Your Home’s Shine

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Are you worried about streaks or stains on your roof? How to get rid of that discoloration?

The following is a brief introduction to the topic:

Roof stains can be unsightly discolorations which can affect the curb appeal of a house. They’re not difficult to remove.

Roof stains could be caused by a variety of things. Roof stains in humid climates are usually caused by some form of organic growth, such as moss or algae.

Organic stains can be a cause of roof stains. However, they are not the only culprit. In Florida, roof stains are usually caused by water, rust, overhanging trees, or bushes.

This is a guide that will show you how to remove moss and algae from asphalt shingles. You may have to use a cleaner that is different depending on the type of stain you have, but the majority of the steps are the same.

If you’re not interested in climbing up on your roof, then it’s better to hire a professional. If your roof is not too steep, and you are comfortable working from heights, then you can usually clean it in one afternoon.

Tool Required

  • Full-body safety harness
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • The ladder
  • Specialty rinsing tools (optional).
  • Spray Pump

Materials Required

  • Roof cleaners that are nontoxic or noncorrosive

Step-By-Step Project

Selecting the Right Tools

The right tools will save you time and frustration. A full-body harness is required, as well as a Spray Pump and non-toxic, non-corrosive roof cleaning chemical. A roof-rinsing tool can be useful but is not required.

Search for a product to clean your roof that is noncorrosive, and safe for plants. Chlorine bleach can be corrosive and damage metal gutters and flashing. Its runoff also harms plants. Do you know those perfect peonies that you planted? It’s not a good idea to pour gallons of bleach on your peonies.

We recommend starting with the lowest possible water pressure and using the gentlest method of cleaning. We have seen cases where homeowners have gotten carried away and caused a lot of damage with their pressure washers.

You can always use a stronger cleaner or apply more pressure. But once you damage your roof, it will be more difficult to repair.

Proper Preparation

It is best to work during a day that is overcast and has little or no wind. This allows the cleaning solution time to penetrate the algae colonies and not evaporate too quickly. This will also reduce the chance of cleaning solution blowing into your face.

Before cleaning, repair any loose flashing. Cleaning the gutters will ensure that they drain properly.

Prepare the area by moving furniture and covering vegetation. It’s important to be cautious, even if your cleaner is relatively friendly to plants. It’s not necessary to prep the entire perimeter of your home, only the areas where the cleaner will run off.

Pre-Wet Roof

Spray the roof with water before applying the cleaner. The cleaner will not dry out as quickly.

You can spray water from the ground if your roof is at a low angle and you have a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Spray the water in the air, and then let it fall down like rain. Never spray water directly onto the roof as this can cause roof leaks.

Use the Cleaner

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to fill a spray bottle with the cleaning solution.

A full-body harness is required at this stage. You’ll be walking over a wet, slippery roof while applying liquid to mildew and algae spots. Even experienced roofers may slip and fall in such situations. The inconvenience of wearing a harness is nothing compared to an emergency room visit.

As soon as you have secured the harness, get up on the roof. Apply the cleaner generously to the shingles using the spray pump. The manufacturer will tell you how long it should soak before rinsing.

Do not let the solution dry. You may have to work in smaller areas depending on the weather.

Spray from the bottom to the top. This will prevent water running on the ground. Spray until runoff is visible. Re-spray areas that have dried out.

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Remove the Stain by Rinsing

After the algae is treated, it can be removed. You can rinse off the algae with a garden hose nozzle if it is a light stain. Use even strokes and go slowly to avoid the zebra-striped effect.

A garden nozzle will not exert enough pressure on roofs that are severely stained to remove the stains. If this is the case, then you will need to purchase a special rinsing device. Drag the rinsing device in a backward and forward motion, as if vacuuming. This will place the water jets at the right angle to blast away the dead algae colonies.

How to Prevent the Stain From Returning

It’s not enough to remove the stain. It is important to find the stain’s source and eliminate it. You’ll end up in a never-ending cycle of stain removal.

Steps to be taken will depend on what caused your stains. If you have rust stains, it may be necessary to replace or paint the flashing. However, if your stains are caused by tree debris then all that is needed is to trim a few limbs.

Consider applying a stain-blocking solution to our algae stains. If you apply it soon after cleaning the roof, the algae-causing stains will be significantly delayed.

The best way to prevent staining is to conduct a regular inspection (we suggest bi-annually), and to deal with it before it occurs.

Absolutely, here’s the updated title with a section on hiring a professional company to tackle those roof stains:

Hire a Professional Company to Clean Your Roof Stains

A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing can safely and effectively remove those stubborn stains.  We’ll get the job done right, saving you time and effort. Visit our website or call us for a free quote!

Safety first!  Cleaning your roof can be dangerous. If you’re not comfortable working at heights, it’s best to hire a professional.

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