What Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning and How It Works

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One of the most difficult things to do is wash your roof. It is not only a difficult task but also one that requires an eye for detail to protect your roof shields.

Roof washing is a vital consideration. Roof washing can be a difficult task.

Many people today are in favor of the idea of soft-washing roofs. They say that it is an efficient and smart way to remove dirty roofs, and also increase the lifespan of the roof. If you’re not familiar with soft washing, this is what you should know.

What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Soft washing is an innovative cleaning technique that uses pressure washers with lower PSI (pressure per square inch).

Soft wash roof cleaning is easy, as the name suggests. It involves cleaning with less than 500 PSI. For this application, a pressure washer’s tip is replaced with a spray or nozzle that has a larger diameter to reduce the pressure. It also uses specialized cleaning products to remove dirt and organisms from surfaces.

Soft washing is a safe and eco-friendly way to clean your home. This method is recommended for cedar siding, stucco, and coquina. It can also be used on wood panel siding, screens, or enclosures. Soft washing is preferred by homeowners because of its benefits.

How Does Soft Washing Work?

Soft washing is different from pressure washing which removes dirt by force. Instead, it involves mixing water and a biodegradable solution. The solution penetrates the roof and degrades the dirt from within when sprayed.

The roof cleaner allows the biodegradable liquid to sit for some time, killing mold, mildew, and bacteria. It will also kill moss and fungus. Soft washing won’t harm other surfaces on your home, or your plants. 

what is soft wash roof cleaning

Why Soft Washing Is Safer for Your Roof

Soft-washing is preferred by roofing experts because it protects roofs from damage caused by high pressure. Soft washing is a gentler way to clean your roof without damaging it. High pressure can loosen granules in the shingles.

It is an effective way to clean shingles, concrete tiles and metal roofs. Concrete tiles are cleaned without any glaze or sealant. Soft-wash roof washing is the best and most effective way to clean your roof.

Why Should You Soft-Wash Your Roof?

Gloeocapsa Magma (algae) is likely to be responsible for black streaks on your shingles. Algae are attracted to hot, humid climates and can cause significant damage to your roof. Roofs infested by algae are less able to reflect UV rays, which leads to the shingles rotting.

Soft washing removes unwanted substances like algae without damaging your shingles or voiding the warranty. Soft washing can effectively clean your roof while maintaining the structural integrity of the roof. You won’t need to worry about expensive repairs or premature roof replacements.

Benefits of Soft Washing

There are several advantages to using professional soft washing instead of pressure or power cleaning your roof.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Reduces the likelihood of damage to the landscape
  • Extends your roof’s life expectancy
  • Reduces the likelihood of siding damage
  • Savings on your money

Soft washing is the best way to eliminate harmful germs and keep you and your family happy and healthy.

How Can Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Protect Your Expensive Roof?

  • Unclean roofs are not only unsightly but they can cause serious damage to your home. Why you should invest your money in roof soft washing for your home
  • The powdery flaky substance that settles on roofs is caused by engine exhaust. The shingles and tiles become brittle and dry. These brittle roof tiles can easily be split, cracked, and fallen out of a roof. As a result, they can allow water to leak through the surface. It can cause major damage to the interior of your home.
  • When mud, twigs leaves, and other debris are pressed against the shingles, they become soft and crumbly. The shingles that have crumbled can easily become soft, loose, and decayed. They may even fall off the roof.
  • Unwashed bird droppings can cause severe damage to roofing tiles and shingles.
  • Birds with sharp talons can damage roof tiles and shingles by walking on them. Birds can damage shingles and tile by collecting nests and twigs.
  • Algae makes asphalt shingles hollow. They then crack and are damaged. The damaged shingles are easily blown by a storm, or they can shatter and fall apart.
  • Mold on your roof can be very dangerous to anyone who lives outside of your home. It emits an unpleasant odor. You can’t enjoy a BBQ on a deck or patio.
  • Residents don’t always realize how dirty their roofs look. Clean roofs instantly enhance curb appeal, creating a welcoming impression.
worker doing soft wash roof cleaning

What Is Better: Pressure Washing or Soft Wash?

The type of wash you choose depends on many factors, including the construction materials, the style of your house, and even the environment. You will usually need either one unless you want to clean your home from top-to-bottom. If you’re thinking of giving your house a new look, you’ll need to use a soft wash for the windows, sidings, and roof.

If you are cleaning windows and roofs, then soft wash cleaning should be used. Do not use pressure washers if you don’t want to damage the roof.

Get Your Home Cleaned With Us!

Roof cleaning is a difficult task that you cannot do alone. A roof that is sprayed with rain or scorching sun can also make it difficult to clean.

Further, pressure washing and soft washing are not easy to handle. They can be costly.

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