Is Roof Cleaning Worth It? A Port St. Lucie Homeowner’s Guide

Is dirt making your roofing look dull and dreary? Are there ugly black streaks from algae and other unidentifiable marks? While roof cleaning isn’t always mandatory, it has significant benefits for residential and commercial properties.

These go beyond the purely cosmetic and extend to protecting every square foot of the surface. In this post, A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing explains more about this topic. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision.

What’s Lurking on Your Roof? Understanding Organic Growth

Our muggy summers and mild winters make it easy to grow a lovely garden. Unfortunately, this also extends to our roofs. Let’s look at what might grow and why it’s a problem.

Algae, Moss, and Lichens — More than an Eyesore

These plants have rhizoids rather than typical root systems. This allows them to anchor themselves on flat surfaces, even if there are no cracks in them. They grow along the top of the roof, eating into its surface.

This action is particularly damaging to asphalt shingles. The plants dislodge the asphalt, damaging your roof’s waterproofing. Furthermore, they soak up water, increasing the chances of water seeping through.

Metal roofs might corrode more quickly due to the excess moisture. Tiled roofing fairs a little better but is prone to staining.

Whatever type of roof you have, organic growth shortens its lifespan and increases the chance of water damage.

In addition, it also absorbs sunlight. This leads to superheated surfaces, which degrade faster. If that’s not bad enough, this heats the property inside, meaning your HVAC unit must work harder to compensate.

Florida’s Climate: A Perfect Breeding Ground

Living in Port St. Lucie has many benefits. We have beautiful weather for much of the year, making us a popular vacation spot. However, the high humidity and ample rainfall make it easy for moss, algae, and lichen to grow prolifically.

Weighing the Pros: Why Bother Cleaning Your Roof?

At the beginning of this post, we said that roof cleaning wasn’t mandatory. That being the case, why go to the expense of hiring professionals?

Better Curb Appeal and Property Value

Do you have a nitpicking HOA? Even if you don’t, your neighbors expect you to maintain the tone of the neighborhood. If you’re in business, it becomes even more vital to present the right image.

Hiring professional roof cleaners is an easy way to start with a clean slate. When you regularly clean the surface, you prevent staining. You also freshen the look of the surface and remove harmful compounds.

This makes a good impression on both your neighbors and potential buyers. It can also help businesses attract new clients. Finally, because your property looks like it’s in excellent condition, you’re more likely to get a better price for it.

Extend the Lifespan (And Save Money in the Long Run)

You may have heard of the term “acid rain” in relation to historic buildings. What you might not realize is that harmful pollution of this nature affects all buildings. Add in the potential damage from organic growth, and you shorten your roof’s lifespan significantly.

So, while cleaning your roof may cost you a few hundred dollars a year, it can save you thousands in the long term. Aside from preventing premature replacements, regular cleaning is also helpful in staving off repairs.

Spotting Hidden Damage

When applying their cleaning products, experts get a close look at your roof. Therefore, they’ll spot issues while they’re still in the early stages. This gives you the chance to deal with the problem before it becomes very expensive to repair.

Energy Efficiency (Especially With Light-Colored Roofs)

Your roof helps to regulate your home’s internal temperature in two ways:

  • By blocking out the sun’s rays
  • By reflecting sunlight and heat

The lighter the color of your roofing materials, the more effective they are at reflecting sunlight and heat. When you have algae or other organic growth covering your roof, the landscape changes.

Algae stop the roof from reflecting the heat. Worse yet, they absorb the sun’s rays, making those areas of the roof very hot to handle.

The Right Way vs. “Quick Fixes”: Cleaning Choices for Port St. Lucie

So, should you whip out the garden hose and ladder or hire professionals? This DIY project saves you a lot in terms of labor costs, but it’s risky. You can easily fall off or through your roof, causing extensive damage to yourself and your property.

It’s best to leave roof cleaning to reputable professionals. Let’s look at other considerations in this area.

The Importance of Soft Washing

This is a technique that the experts prefer. It uses biodegradable cleaning products rather than high pressure to remove dirt and debris. The danger here is that too much pressure can chip away the asphalt coating on your shingles or crack your tiles.

Environmental Considerations

The EPA has strict regulations in terms of what chemicals you can and can’t use. We ensure that we stay on the right side of those laws by only using products that are safe for our team and the environment.

All reputable companies are wary of the impact they make, and so are careful about the products they use.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Now let’s look at some warning signs that you’re dealing with an amateur or disreputable contractor:

  • They offer a far lower quote than anyone else. Whether your property is 2,500 square feet or double the size, the basic costs are the same for everyone. Any contractor who quotes way less is either planning to pad the bill later or rush through the job.
  • They tell you they can make your roof look brand new. We get great results, but we never promise miracles. Removing the dirt refreshes your roof, but nothing can reverse the other signs of wear and tear.
  • They offer you a definite quote over the phone without asking what your roof is made from. The right contractor will come out and have a look at the property before giving you an estimate. They do so because it protects them and the client.

Is It Right for You?

Is it time to invest in roof cleaning? Let’s see if the time is right for you.

When Cleaning Is the Sensible Choice

You should consider hiring us if you:

  • Are planning to stay in the property for a long time
  • Can see noticeable stains, but the roof is in good shape
  • Are hosting a special event and want your property to look as good as possible
  • Are a business owner who needs to maintain a good brand image
  • Plan to sell your property

When You Might Wait

It’s not usually worth the cost if:

  • It’s almost time to replace your roof
  • There’s hardly any organic growth

A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing — Your Port St. Lucie Roof Cleaning Experts

We’re your go-to team when it comes to instantly boosting curb appeal and maintaining your roof’s structural integrity. We adhere to all the OHSA regulations to protect you and our technicians. Our team members are all locals, meaning we know what challenges you face.

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